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rebecca hale brockelman

I have been a consultant for the past five years and the focus of my work has been strategic planning. Essentially, helping organizations identify priorities and reach agreement on how to allocate their resources against a desired outcome.

While doing consulting work, I began to wonder about the “strategic direction” of people’s lives including mine.  How can we be more intentional about where we are going? How do we stay awake and not on autopilot? How can we show up differently in our lives?

I became a certified integral coach to work with individuals who want to explore these questions particularly when navigating transitions. Too often a part of us gets lost in the race to achieve or in striving to become who we think we are supposed to be. Integral coaching is about reclaiming our wholeness so we can become fully alive and more effective in our lives. It is not about giving advice or a quick fix. It is about lasting change.

As an integral coach, I bring blind spots into view in a way that is truthful, kind and productive.  I offer a structured and customized process for each client. The outcome of integral coaching is for clients to develop the skills and competencies in support of a long-term excellence.